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Burmese-Myanmar Orthography
in Romabama

With MLC transcription and Myanmar-English Dictionary pages


by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) and staff of TIL (Tun Institute of Learning, http://www.tuninst.net ). Start: 2007 July
Based on:
Myanmar Orthography (MOrtho)
by Myanmar Language Commission (MLC), Ministry of Education, 1986, pp 292. Editor U Tun Tint.
Myanmar English Dictionary (MEDict)
by MLC, 1993, pp 635. MEDict gives a pronunciation guide in non-IPA script which I have marked /[...]/ to differentiate from Romabama /{...}/

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Note: Burmese-Myanmar verbs has {th} as an "after word": it is represented by "underscore" mark _ .

ngha: /[hnga:]/ MEDict099 ngak-pis-taung
ngha:ram:_ ngak-pyau: ping
nghak /[hnge']/ MEDict099 ngak-pyau:hpi:kram:
nghak-kya: ngak-pyau:hpu:
nghak-kri:taung-Da: ngak-pyau:hpak
nghak-kri:ton:sap ngak-hpya: rau:ga
nghak-kri:wan-po nghak-hpyi: rau:ga
nghak-tain-ing: nghak-mrat-na:

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