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Burmese-Myanmar Orthography
in Romabama


by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) and staff of TIL (Tun Institute of Learning, http://www.tuninst.net ). Start: 2007 July
Based on:
Myanmar Orthography (MOrtho)
by (MLC) Myanmar Language Commission (MLC), Ministry of Education, 1986, pp 292. Editor U Tun Tint.
Myanmar English Dictionary (MEDict)
by MLC, 1993, pp 635. MEDict gives a pronunciation guide in non-IPA script which I have marked /[...]/ to differentiate from Romabama /{...}/

Contents of this page

Contents of this page


Note: Burmese-Myanmar verbs has {th} as an "after word": it is represented by "underscore" mark _ .
MLC gives 2 possible pronunciations for some cases: /[ch]/ and /[gj]/. They are essentially the same, the /[ch]/] being voiceless and /[gj]/ voiced. For such cases, I have given the pronunciation for individual entry whenever possible leaving some because of possible controversy.

hkya. /[cha.]/ MEDict066 hkyi /[chi]/ MEDict067
hkya._ (kya.aung--_) hkyi (pw:tis--)
hkya.ra: ping hkyi-kauk-p:_
hkya.ra:pwing. hsn-hton: hkyi-krwa._
hkya.ra:thi: (s-ti) hkyi-ton-hkya.ton
hkya.lan (ngw-thwing:--) hkyi-po:_
hkya /[cha]/ MEDict066 hkyi-ma._
hkya_ (n.hpring:_)  
hkya-tu:ln_ hkyi: /[chi:]/ MEDict067
hkya-ris hkyi: (bi.thu.ka-thon:)
hkya-la.pat-l_ hkyi:kyu:_
hkya: /[cha:]/ MEDict067 hkyi:mhrauk_
hkya: (-- / ra.hat) hkyi:mhring._
hkya:hkon (rak-kan:thon:) hkyi:n._
  hkyu /[chu]/ MEDict067
hkyi. /[chi.]/ MEDict067 hkyu_ (this-thi:--_ / wam:--_)
*hkyi. MEDict067 hkyu-hkya_

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hkyu-pon: (wam:--) hky. /[che.]/ MEDict068
hkyu-lon: (nwa:--) hky._ (ky-aung--_)
hkyu-thn-pa-aung-:_ hky.htwing_
hky /[chei (chi)]/ /[gji]/ MEDict067 hkyau: /[cho:]/ MEDict068
hky_ /[chei]/ (thing-poan:--_) MEDict067 See {hkr_} MEDict075. hkyau:_ (--_ / lha.--_)
hky /[gji]/ (that~ta.wa) MEDict067 hkyau:ka.lak
hky-hkywat_ /[chei chu']/ MEDict067 hkyau:kyi.kyi.
hky-ngn_ /[chei ngan]/ MEDict067 hkyau:sa
hky-hso-hkyak hkyau:hsw:_
hky-hsat_ /[chei hsa']/ MEDict067 hkyau:htauk_
hky-pa._ /[chei pa.]/ MEDict067 hkyau:pis_
hky-mhoan:_ /[chei hmoun:]/ MEDict067 hkyau:mr._
hky-tha.ng hkyau:mw._
hky: /[chei (chi:)]/ /[gji:]/ MEDict067  
hky: /[chi:]/ (ma.sing) MEDict067 hkyau. /[cho.]/ MEDict068
hky:koan:_ hkyau.mhru_
hky:ngha:_ /[chei: (chi:) hnga:]/ MEDict068  
hky:toat-hka.naung: hkyau /[cho]/ MEDict068
hky:ping ka.lau:ping hkyau_ (lw:--_)
hky:yo-aim hkyau-hkywat_
hky: /[che:]/ MEDict068 hkyau-l:
hky:_ (ky:aung--_)  

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hkyo /[chou]/ /[gjou]/ MEDict068 hkyo: /[chou:]/ /[gjou:]/ MEDict069
hkyo /[gjou]/ (U:--) MEDict068 hkyo:_ /[chou:]/ (kyo:aung--_) MEDict069
hkyo-koap hkyo: /[gjou:]/ (nghak) MEDict069
hkyo-kyo:na:rwak-p. /[gjou gjou: najwe' pe.]/ MEDict068 hkyo: /[gjou:]/ (hta.ming:--) MEDict069
hkyo-krwa._ /[gjou kjwa.]/ MEDict068 hkyo:ku_ /[gjou: ku]/ MEDict069
hkyo-hkyi /[chou chin]/ MEDict069 hkyo:kup_ /[gjou: ka']/ MEDict069
hkyo-saung: /[gjou zaun:]/ MEDict068 hkyo:hkr-ra mrak
hkyo-hsaim._ hkyo:sa-kauk mrak
hkyo-t-lu: /[gjou te lu:]/ MEDict068 hkyo:nhaim_ /[chou: hnein]/ MEDict070
hkyo-hta:_ hkyo:pain-tu: nghak
hkyo-pya.pya. /[cho pja. bja.]/ MEDict069 hkyo:hpyak_ /[chou: hpje']/ MEDict070
hkyo-pron:_ hkyo:mhoat_ /[gjou: hmou']/ MEDict069
hkyo-mra.mra. /[cho mja. mja.]/ MEDict069 *hkyo:r /chou: jei]/ MEDict070
hkyo-mrak_ hkyo:r-thon:r
hkyo-mrain_ hkyo:ling:pra /[gjou: lin: bja]/ MEDict069
hkyo-:_ /[cho ei:]/ MEDict069 hkyo:l-prauk /[gjou: le bjau']/ MEDict069
  hkyo:thaim: nghak
hkyo. /[chou.]/ MEDict069  
hkyo._ (nhis--_ / rak--_) hkyak /[che']/ /[gje']/  MEDict070
hkyo.ng._ hkyak_ /[che'] (hta.ming:--_) MEDict070
hkyo.t._ hkyak /[che']/ (ko-hkan~Da-i.--) MEDict070
hkyo.ywing:_ (hkyo.t.mha:ywing:-- hkyak (tn-hka:--)
  hkyak-kya.lak-kya. /[che' kja. le' kja.]/ MEDict070
  hkyak-kro: /[che' kjou:]/ MEDict070

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hkyak-krw_ hkying-r:pr_
hkyak-hkya_ hkying-rw: ping
hkyak-hkying:pri: hkying. /[chin.]/ MEDict071
hkyak-s.lak-s. hkying._ (hkan.mhan:_)
hkyak-tis-hproat hkying.hkyain_
hkyak-bw hkying.mhrau_
hkyak-mhroat-a.rup hkying.mhan:_
hkyak-lak-mhat hkying.wan
  hkying: /[chin:]/ /[gjin:]/ MEDict071
hkyauk /[chau']/ /[gjau']/ MEDict070 hkying: /[chin:]/ (tis-yauk_) MEDict071
hkyauk-kam:pa: hkying: (n._a._)
hkyauk-hkya._ hkying: (thing:)
hkyauk-hkya:_ hkying:hkrauk
hkyauk-hkyi:hkyauk-hkyak hkying:saung
hkyauk-twan:_ hkying:saim:tak
  hkying:ta. /[chin: ta.]/ (a.kraung:_) MEDict071
hkying /[chin]/ MEDict071 hkying:ning:-- (_hto:hpauk--)
hkying_ (sa:--_) hkying: ping
hkying-hkying-mr_ hkying:pr-n
hkying-hkring:hpris_ hkying:ya: ping
hkying-teing: (hpris--hpris_) hkying:thoap /[gjin: dhou']/ MEDict071

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hkyaung /[chaun]/ /[gjaung]/ MEDict071 hkyeing. /[chain.]/ /[gjain.]/ MEDict072
hkyaung_ /[chaun]/ (ma.kyup) MEDict071 hkyeing. (hta.ming:--)
hkyaung-koap-n_ hkyeing. (naim.ra--)
hkyaung-kro-hkyaung-kra: hkyeing. (lhaung--)
hkyaung-hkyi._ /[chaun: kji.]/ MEDict071 hkyeing.hkwak_
hkyaung-l_ /[chaun le]/ MEDict071 hkyeing.wham:_
hkyaung: /[chaun:]/ MEDict071 hkyeing: /[chain:]/ /gjain]/ MEDict072
hkyaung:_ (thu-hko:--_) hkyeing:ka.li.
hkyaung:kat_ hkyeing:kra: /[gjain: gja:]/ MEDict072
hkyaung:kra: ping hkyeing:htauk-hkwa. /[gjain: dau']/ MEDict072
hkyaung:kro-mraung:kra: hkyeing:mw:
hkyaung:kr._ /[chaun: kji.]/ MEDict071  
hkyaung:hkrauk-hso:_ hkyis /[chi']/ MEDict072
hkyaung:sa.loat hkyis_ (hka:--_ / tu:--_)
hkyaung:hso: rau:ga hkyis-kreik_
hkyaung:na.pan: hkyis-kring_
hkyaung:mraung:_ hkyis-kr_
hkyaung:ro:mraung:ro: hkyis-kywam:wing_
hkyaung:han._ hkyis-hkon /[chi' khoun]/ (rak-kan:thon:) MEDict072
hkyeing /[chain]/ /[gjain]/ MEDict072 hkyis-ti: /[chi' ti:]/ MEDict072
hkyeing_ (a.kaing:--_)  

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hkyi /[chin]/ MEDict072 hky. /[chi.]/
hkyi-soat-soat hky._ (a:n:_)
hkyi-paung-lak-hkra: ping hky.hky.pa:pa:
hkyi-pis ping hky.n._
hkyi-prwat ping  
hkyi-hpat /[chin ba']/ MEDict072 hky: /[chi:]/
hkyi-hpron.hpron. /[chin hpjoun. bjoun.]/ MEDict072 hky: (lak--thak-thak)
hkyi-yoat ping  
hkyi-r hing: /[chin jei hin:]/ MEDict072 hkyait /[chei']/ /[gjei']/
  hkyait (nga:mhya:_ / n~kyi_)
hkyi: /[chin:]/ hkyait-koan-teik-koan /[chei' koun tai' koun]/ MEDict073
hkyi:_ (kyi:aung--_) hkyait-hsak /[gjei' hse']/ MEDict073
hkyi:kup_ hkyait-hsw:_ /[chei' hswe:]/ MEDict073
  hkyait-tait-tait-prau:_ /[chei' tei' tei' pjo:]/ MEDict073
hky /[chi]/  
hky (thwa:--la--) hkyoat MEDict nil
hky-swup nghak hkyoat-hkyoat-mr_
hky-wat nghak  
hky-nging_ hkyan /[chan]/ MEDict73
hky-nging._ hkyan_ (kyan-aung--_)
hky-toap-- hkyan-hkrwing:_
hky-mhying hkyan-lhup_
hky-th._ (rak-kan:thon:) hkyain /[chein]/ MEDict73
  hkyain_ (--rw_)

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hkyain-sak_ hkyaip /[chei']/ MEDict074
hkyain-hsa._ hkyaip (ni-o-raung)
hkyain-htoap (bi-thu.ka-thon) hkyaip-tn-hsaip
hkyain-wan hkyaip-taung.
hkyain-thi: hkyaip-pait-sa-ait
  hkyaip-thing-hpru: ping
hkyain: /[chein:]/ MEDict074 hkyaip-that ping
hkyain:_ (tw.hson-ran--_)  
hkyain:hkyak_ hkyoap /[chou']/ MEDict074
  hkyoap_ (mo:--_)
hkyoan: /[choun:]/ MEDict074 hkyoap_ (ap.--_)
hkyoan:_ (mo:--_) hkyoap-keing_
hkyoan:hkyoan: (mr-thn) hkyoap-hkon
  hyoap-hky_ (han.ta:pait-ping_)
hkyap /[cha']/ MEDict074 hkyoap-ngraim:_
hkyap_ (kra:twing-hap_) hkyoap-sap (a.ht--)
hkyap_ (pra:--_) hkyoap-hs:
hkyap-kra: hkyoap-t:_
hkyap-kraung: (lh:lam:--) hkyoap-htain:_
hkyap-hk:_ hkyoap-pyauk_
hkyap-hkyap-rap-rap hkyoap-ro:kraung:
hkyap-pra: hkyam: /[chan:]/ MEDict075
hkyap-Bi: hkyam:ngraim:_
hkyap-mraung hkyam:saim.saim.

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hkyam:toan_ hkyon. /[choun.]/ MEDict075
hkyam:mr._ hkyon._ (kyon.aung--_)
hkyam:tha_ hkyon.hkyi:_
hkyam:taung.hkyam:tha hkyon.yon._ (hkyon._)
  hkyon: /[choun:]/ MEDict075
hkyaim. /[chein.]/ MEDict075 hkyon:_ (pain--_)
hkyaim.m (la--) hkyon:kya._
  hkyon:hkyon:kya. hkyaung:
hkyon /[choun]/ MEDict075 hkyonpw:hkya.ngo_
hkyon (tau:--)  
hkyon-to: byeing: hky /[che]/ MEDict075
hkyon-pait-paung: hky-ga-ri
hkyon-poat hky-ri pan:

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