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UKT: As we were coming to know each other better, my good friend U Tun Tint of the MLC has asked me how Romabama transcribes the Burmese-Myanmar {ko} an honorific title used between friends. When I told him, it is the English <o>, he said "that's how a man on the street would do it" - hazarding to call me a "man on the street" and implying my lack of sophistication. He reminded me that the English <o> is used to transcribe . "Yes, that's what I am. In fact I am a lowly cowherd {nwa:kyaung:tha:} with a catapult in hand taking potshots in all directions and sometimes hitting a {piñ~ña-shi.} - a learned person. So in many of our discussions, I reminded him that as a {piñ~ña-shi.} it is his duty to educate an ignorant cowherd. Finally, he saw through my tactic and said one day, "I too am an ignorant cowherd!" -- note of 100411.

• ओङ्करासन (o.nkaraasana)
Skt: ओङ्करासन (o.nkaraasana) - the OM posture  - OnlineSktDict

• ओजस (ojasa)
Skt: ओजस (ojasa) - concentrated psychic power - OnlineSktDict

• ओजसा (ojasaa)
Skt: ओजसा (ojasaa) - by My energy - OnlineSktDict

• ओदन  odana
  Skt: ओदन  odana m.n.  boiled rice - SpkSkt
  Pal: odana  m n.  boiled rice  - UPMT-PED059

• ओषति (oshhati)
Skt: ओषति (oshhati) - (1 pp) to burn - OnlineSktDict

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UKT notes

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