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Though UPMT-PED is in Pal-Lat, for comparison to UHS-PMD in Pal-Myan, I have transcribed entries in UPMT in Pal-Myan. - UKT110625
 Here are three easily forgotten Myanmar and Devanagari grapheme pairs and their conjuncts:
   {za.} ज ja    {z~za.} ज्ज jja
   {Za.} झ jha {z~Za.} ज्झ jjha
   {a.} ञ a  {z~a.} ज्ञ ja   =  ज ् ञ
Note: {z~a.} ज्ञ ja   =  ज ् ञ  is being considered to be included in Romabama - UKT110702
A similar but reversed conjunct is {~za1} ञ्ज ja = ञ ् ज

{a.a.} अञ
{i~sa.} अञ्च = अ ञ ् च
{i~za.} अञ्ज = अ ञ ् ज
{i~a.} अञ्ञ = अ ञ ् ञ

{i~zi.} अञ्जि
{i~zi} अञ्जी

The short vowels, such as //, can be checked by various consonants. And, amongst the rimes formed, those of the voiceless (tenuous and not aspirated) palatal and retroflex stops, {ic} {T}, and the unusual nasals {ng}, {i}, {N} are the most interesting in inter-language transcription, either because of their fricative or nasal sounds. Before we go into inter-transcription between Burmese and English, we will study the relationship between Pali and Sanskrit, because Pal-Myan is related to Bur-Myan (Tibeto-Burman), and Skt-Dev to Eng-Lat (Indo-European). Our study will serve as an introduction to BEPS Pali English Dictionary which I hope to write later - UKT110625.

UKT notes

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{a.a.} अञ = अ ञ

{i~sa.} अञ्च  - alternate spelling:
not entd in OnlineSktDict

अञ्च aca  = अ ञ ् च
Skt: aca - aca 'curling' (of the hairs of the body, thrill of rapture),
  only at the end of romca, q.v. [Page 11, Column 1] - MonWilliWash
Pal: {i~sa.} - UKT transcription

Pal: acati {i~sa.ti.} - v. (√ac) to honour - UPMT-PED007
Pal: {i~sa.ti.} - - UHS-PMD0021

Pal: ajati {i~za.ti.} - v. (√aj) to anoint, smear - UPMT-PED007

Pal: ajana {i~za.na.} - m. a tuktoo. f. a chameleon. n. a collyrium, night - UPMT-PED007

Pal: ajanikā {i~za.ni.ka} - f. a white-bellied mouse - UPMT-PED007


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अञ्चलः acala: = अ ञ ् च ल ः 
Skt: अञ्चलः (aJNchalaH) - (m) aanchal in Hindi- OnlineSktDict
Pal: acala - m. the fringe of a garment - UPMT-PED007

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/ {i~za.} अञ्ज = अ ञ ् ज

अञ्जन ajana = अ ञ ् ज न  
Skt: अञ्जन (aJNjana) - the name of the mother of Hanuman - OnlineSktDict
Skt: अञ्जना   ajana   f.   name of Hanumat's mother - SpkSkt

See my notes on Ajanā and Hanuman (stub).

अञ्जनेयासन ajaneyāsana = अ ञ ् ज न े य ा स न
Skt: अञ्जनेयासन (aJNjaneyaasana) - the splits - OnlineSktDict

अञ्जन   ajana   = अ ञ ् ज न    
Skt: अञ्जन   ajana   n.   black pigment for eyelashes, collyrium;
  anointing, smearing with; antimony; ink, embellishing - SpkSkt 
Pal: {i~za.na.} - - UHS-PMD0021

अञ्जनचूर्ण   ajanacūrṇa
Skt: अञ्जनचूर्ण   ajanacūrṇa - n.   antimony powder - SpkSkt

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अञ्जलि ajali  = अ ञ ् ज ल ि
Skt: अञ्जलि (aJNjali) - (m) folded hands - OnlineSktDict
Pal: ajali  {n~za.li.}  m. the hollow of the joined hands, a respectful salutation
  performed by raising the joined hands to the forehead. - UPMT-PED007
Pal: {n~za.li.} - UHS-PMD0021

अञ्जस  ajasa
Skt: अञ्जस  ajasa - adj.  straight, straightforward, honest - SpkSkt
Pal: ajasa {i~za.a.} - n. a road - UPMT-PED007
Pal: {i~za.a.} - - UHS-PMD0021

अञ्जसा  ajasā = अ ञ ् ज स ा  
Skt: अञ्जसा  ajasā  ind. right, truly, justly, straight on, quickly - SpkSkt 

अञ्जसी ajasī
Skt: अञ्जसी ajasī - adj. straightforward, straight, honest - SpkSkt

अञ्जसीन ajasīna
Skt: अञ्जसीन ajasīna - adj. going straight on, straightforward - SpkSkt

अञ्जस्पा ajaspā
Skt: अञ्जस्पा ajaspā - adj. drinking instantly - SpkSkt

आञ्जस्य  ājasya
Skt: आञ्जस्य  ājasya - adj. immediate, direct. n. immediately, unhesitatingly - SpkSkt

अञ्जसयन  ajasayana
Skt: अञ्जसयन  ajasayana - adj. going straight on, having a straight course - SpkSkt

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{i~a.} अञ्ञ = अ ञ ् ञ

aa {i~a.}
Pal: aa {i~a.} - adj. other, another, a second - UPMT-PED007
Pal: {i~a.}

Pal: aā - f. (√ā) knowledge, fruition of arahantship - UPMT-PED007
Pal: {i~a} -   - UHS-0023

Pal: a-āṇa {i~a-Na.} - n. (√ā) ignorance - UPMT-PED007

Pal: aādisa {i~a-di.a.} - adj. different - UPMT-PED007

Pal: aoa {i~au~a} - adj. mutual - UPMT-PED007
*Pal: {i~au~n} - - UHS-PMD0023

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{i~zi.} अञ्जि

अञ्जि aji = अ ञ ् जि
Skt: अञ्जि aji - adj. unctuous, smooth, sleek,
   applying an ointment or pigment, ointment, brilliancy.
   m. sender, commander - SpkSkt

unctuous  adj. 1. Characterized by affected, exaggerated, or insincere earnestness: the unctuous, complacent court composer who is consumed with envy and self-loathing Rhoda Koenig. 2. Having the quality or characteristics of oil or ointment; slippery. 3. Containing or composed of oil or fat. 4. Abundant in organic materials; soft and rich: unctuous soil. [Middle English from Old French unctueus from Medieval Latin ūnctuōsus from Latin ūnctum ointment, from neuter past participle of unguere to anoint] - AHTD


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{i~zi} अञ्जी

अञ्जी ajī = अ ञ ् ज ी
Skt: अञ्जी ajī - f. blessing - SpkSkt

Pal: ajīra {i~zi-ra.} - n. the fig tree or fruit - UPMT-PED007

Pal: ajiṭṭha {i~zait~hta.} - n. the sun - UPMT-PED007

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UKT notes


From: Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anjana 091113

Ajanā was the mother of Hanuman, one of the heroes of the Indian epic, the Ramayana. According to one version of the story, Ajanā was an apsara named Pujikastalā, who came to earth and married Kesari, a monkey chief. Vayu, God of the wind, who carried the divine power of Lord Shiva to Anjana's womb, since Hanuman is incarnation of Lord Shiva and also Vayu [1] Anjana is a very popular name as well.

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Excerpt from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanuman 100508
UKT: See my fuller note in ha-216top-2.htm

Hanuman (हनुमान्, Hanumān also Anjaneya, Maruti) is a Hindu deity, who is an ardent devotee of Rama, a central character in the Indian epic Ramayana. A general among the vanaras, an ape-like race of forest-dwellers, Hanuman is an incarnation of the divine, whose fate it is to aid the hero Rama in the struggle against the demon king Ravana. His exploits are much celebrated in a variety of religious and cultural traditions,[1] particularly in Hinduism, so much so that he is often the subject of worship according to some bhakti traditions.[2]

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