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{a.na.} अन
{a.na} अना
{a.ni.} अनि
{a.ni} अनी
{a.nu.} अनु
{a.nu} अनू
{a.nRi.} अनृ
{a.nι} अने

UKT notes
• Ananta • Ananta-vijaya conch • Anuradha

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{a.na.} अन

• अन गमेजयत्व (an.gamejayatva)  ?
Skt: अन गमेजयत्व (an.gamejayatva)  - unsteadiness of the body  - OnlineSktDict

€ अनलेन   analena   m.   by the fire

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• अनघ (anagha)
Skt: अनघ (anagha)  -O sinless one - OnlineSktDict

• अनन्त (ananta)
 Skt: अनन्त (ananta) - infinite, a name of Vishnu. See Ananta in my notes.

UKT transliteration: अनन्त (ananta)
€ अनन्त = अ न न ् त
--> {a.} {na.} {na.} ् {ta.} = {a.} {na.}{n} {ta.}
--> {a.nϋn~ta.} - UHS-PMD0052
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• अनन्तं (anantaM)
Skt: अनन्तं (anantaM) -unlimited - OnlineSktDict

• अनन्तः (anantaH)
Skt: अनन्तः (anantaH) Ananta - OnlineSktDict

• अनन्तरं (anantaraM)
Skt: अनन्तरं (anantaraM) -after - OnlineSktDict

• अनन्तरूप (anantaruupa)
Skt: अनन्तरूप (anantaruupa) O unlimited form - OnlineSktDict

• अनन्तरूपं (anantaruupaM)
Skt: अनन्तरूपं (anantaruupaM) -unlimited form - OnlineSktDict

• अनन्तविजयं (anantavijayaM)
Skt: अनन्तविजयं (anantavijayaM) -the conch named Ananta-vihaya - OnlineSktDict

See my note on Ananta-vijaya conch

• अनन्तवीर्या (anantaviiryaa)
Skt: अनन्तवीर्या (anantaviiryaa) -unlimited potency - OnlineSktDict

• अनन्तः (anantaaH)
Skt: अनन्तः (anantaaH) -unlimited - OnlineSktDict

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• अनन्तासन (anantaasana)
Skt: अनन्तासन (anantaasana) Ananta's posture - OnlineSktDict

• अनन्यचेताः (ananyachetaaH)
Skt: अनन्यचेताः (ananyachetaaH) -without deviation of the mind - OnlineSktDict

• अनन्यभाक् (ananyabhaak.h)
Skt: अनन्यभाक् (ananyabhaak.h) -without deviation - OnlineSktDict

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• अनन्यमनसः (ananyamanasaH)
Skt: अनन्यमनसः (ananyamanasaH) -without deviation of the mind - OnlineSktDict

• अनन्यया (ananyayaa)
Skt: अनन्यया (ananyayaa) -unalloyed, undeviating - OnlineSktDict

• अनन्ययोगेन (ananyayogena)
Skt: अनन्ययोगेन (ananyayogena) -by unalloyed devotional service - OnlineSktDict

• अनन्यः (ananyaaH)
Skt: अनन्यः (ananyaaH) -having no other object - OnlineSktDict

• अनन्येन (ananyena)
Skt: अनन्येन (ananyena) -without division - OnlineSktDict

• अनपेक्षः (anapekShaH)
Skt: अनपेक्षः (anapekShaH) -neutral - OnlineSktDict

• अनपेक्ष्य (anapekShya)
Skt: अनपेक्ष्य (anapekShya) without considering the consequences - OnlineSktDict

• अनभिश्वङ्गः (anabhishva.ngaH) ?
Skt: अनभिश्वङ्गः (anabhishva.ngaH) -being without association - OnlineSktDict

• अनभिसन्धाय (anabhisandhaaya)
Skt: अनभिसन्धाय (anabhisandhaaya) -without desiring - OnlineSktDict

• अनभिस्नेहः (anabhisnehaH)
= अ न भ ि स ् न े ह ः
Skt: अनभिस्नेहः (anabhisnehaH) -without affection - OnlineSktDict

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• अनभिज्ञ (anabhiGYa)
Skt: अनभिज्ञ (anabhiGYa)  -ignorant of , unacquainted with - OnlineSktDict

• अनयोः (anayoH)
Skt: अनयोः (anayoH) -of them - OnlineSktDict

• अनर्थं (anarthaM)
Skt: अनर्थं (anarthaM) -purposeless/ in vain / danger-productive - OnlineSktDict

• अनल anala (anala) 
  Skt: m. God of fire ; fire  -- SpkSkt

• अनलः (analaH)
Skt: अनलः (analaH) -fire - OnlineSktDict

• अनलेन (analena)
Skt: अनलेन (analena) -by the fire - OnlineSktDict

• अनवलोकयान् (anavalokayaan.h)
Skt: अनवलोकयान् (anavalokayaan.h) -not looking - OnlineSktDict

• अनवाप्तं (anavaaptaM) = अ न व ा प ् त ं
Skt: अनवाप्तं (anavaaptaM) -wanted - OnlineSktDict

• अनश्नतः (anashnataH) = अ न श ् न त ः
Skt: अनश्नतः (anashnataH) -abstaining from eating - OnlineSktDict

• अनश्नन् (anashnan.h)
Skt: अनश्नन् (anashnan.h)  -without eating (having fasted ) - OnlineSktDict

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• अनसुयवे (anasuyave)
Skt: अनसुयवे (anasuyave)  -to the nonenvious - OnlineSktDict

• अनसूयः (anasuuyaH)
Skt: अनसूयः (anasuuyaH) -not envious - OnlineSktDict

• अनसूयन्तः (anasuuyantaH)
Skt: अनसूयन्तः (anasuuyantaH) -without envy - OnlineSktDict

• अनहंवादि (anaha.nvaadi)
Skt: अनहंवादि (anaha.nvaadi) -without false ego - OnlineSktDict

• अनहङ्कारः (anaha.nkaaraH)
Skt: अनहङ्कारः (anaha.nkaaraH) -being without false egoism - OnlineSktDict

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{a.na} अना

• अनात्मनः (anaatmanaH)
Skt: अनात्मनः (anaatmanaH) -of one who has failed to control the mind - OnlineSktDict

• अनादर (anaadara)
Skt: अनादर (anaadara) -lake of respect - OnlineSktDict

• अनादि (anaadi)
Skt: अनादि (anaadi) -without beginning - OnlineSktDict

• अनादिं (anaadiM)
Skt: अनादिं (anaadiM) -without beginning  OnlineSktDict

• अनादित्व (anaaditva)
Skt: अनादित्व (anaaditva) -non-beginning - OnlineSktDict

€ अनामिका   anāmikā   f.   ring finger

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• अनादित्वात् (anaaditvaa.t.h)
Skt: अनादित्वात् (anaaditvaa.t.h)  -due to eternity - OnlineSktDict

• अनानसफलम् (anaanasaphalam.h)
Skt: अनानसफलम् (anaanasaphalam.h) -(n) pineapple - OnlineSktDict

• अनामयं (anaamayaM)
Skt: अनामयं (anaamayaM) -without miseries - OnlineSktDict

• अनारम्भात् (anaarambhaat.h)
Skt: अनारम्भात् (anaarambhaat.h) -by nonperformance - OnlineSktDict

• अनार्य (anaarya)
Skt: अनार्य (anaarya) -persons who do not know the value of life - OnlineSktDict

• अनावृत्तिं (anaavRittiM)
Skt: अनावृत्तिं (anaavRittiM) -no return - OnlineSktDict

• अनाशिनः (anaashinaH)
Skt: अनाशिनः (anaashinaH) -never to be destroyed - OnlineSktDict

• अनाश्रितः (anaashritaH)
Skt: अनाश्रितः (anaashritaH) -without taking shelter - OnlineSktDict

• अनाहत (anaahata)
Skt: अनाहत (anaahata) -unbeaten - OnlineSktDict

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{a.ni.} अनि

• अनिकेतः (aniketaH)
Skt: अनिकेतः (aniketaH) -having no residence - OnlineSktDict

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• अनिच्छन् (anichchhan.h)
Skt: अनिच्छन् (anichchhan.h)  -without desiring - OnlineSktDict

• अनित्य (anitya)
Skt: अनित्य (anitya)  -uncertain/temporary/ephemeral/transient - OnlineSktDict

• अनित्यं (anityaM)
Skt: अनित्यं (anityaM) -temporary - OnlineSktDict

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• अनित्यः (anityaH)
Skt: अनित्यः (anityaH)  -nonpermanent - OnlineSktDict

• अनियमित (aniyamita)
Skt: अनियमित (aniyamita)  -irregular - OnlineSktDict

• अनिर्देश्यं (anirdeshyaM)
Skt: अनिर्देश्यं (anirdeshyaM)- indefinite - OnlineSktDict

• अनिर्विण्णचेतस (anirviNNachetasa)
Skt: अनिर्विण्णचेतस (anirviNNachetasa) -without deviation - OnlineSktDict

• अनिलः (anilaH)
Skt: अनिलः (anilaH) -wind or air - OnlineSktDict

• अनिलचुल्लि (anilachulli)
Skt: अनिलचुल्लि (anilachulli) -(f) gas (LPG) - OnlineSktDict

• अनिवार्य (anivaarya)
Skt: अनिवार्य (anivaarya) -(adj) compulsary - OnlineSktDict

• अनिश्चयत् (anishchayat.h)
= अ न ि श ् च य त ्
Skt: अनिश्चयत् (anishchayat.h)  -due to non- determination (having not decided)- OnlineSktDict

• अनिष्ट (anishhTa)
Skt: अनिष्ट (anishhTa) -and undesirable - OnlineSktDict

• अनिष्टं (anishhTaM)
Skt: अनिष्टं (anishhTaM)  -leading to hell - OnlineSktDict

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{a.ni} अनी

• अनीश्वरं (aniishvaraM) 
Skt: अनीश्वरं (aniishvaraM) - with no controller - OnlineSktDict

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{a.nu.} अनु

• अनु (anu)
Skt: अनु (anu) -following - OnlineSktDict
Skt: अनु  anu - ind. with - SpkSkt

• अनुकम्पार्थं (anukampaarthaM)
Skt: अनुकम्पार्थं (anukampaarthaM) -to show special mercy - OnlineSktDict

• अनुकारि (anukaari)
Skt: अनुकारि (anukaari) - like - OnlineSktDict

• अनुचारय (anuchaaraya)
Skt: अनुचारय (anuchaaraya)  -(causative of anu + car) follow - OnlineSktDict

• अनुचिन्तयन् (anuchintayan.h)
Skt: अनुचिन्तयन् (anuchintayan.h)  -constantly thinking of - OnlineSktDict

• अनुतिष्ठन्ति (anutishhThanti)
Skt: अनुतिष्ठन्ति (anutishhThanti) -regularly perform - OnlineSktDict

• अनुत्तमं (anuttamaM)
Skt: अनुत्तमं (anuttamaM) -the finest - OnlineSktDict

• अनुत्तमां (anuttamaaM)
Skt: अनुत्तमां (anuttamaaM) -the highest - OnlineSktDict

• अनुदर्शनं (anudarshanaM)
Skt: अनुदर्शनं (anudarshanaM) -observing - OnlineSktDict

€ अनुनासिक-व्यञ्जन  anunāsika-vyaρjana  m.  nasal consonants
€ अनुप्रास   anuprāsa   m.   repetitions of similar letters, syllables or sounds

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• अनुदानं (anudaanaM)
Skt: अनुदानं (anudaanaM)  - n. donation, grant - OnlineSktDict

• अनुदिनं (anudinaM)
Skt: अनुदिनं (anudinaM) - daily - OnlineSktDict

• अनुद्दश्य (anuddishya)
Skt: अनुद्दश्य (anuddishya) -having targeted or aimed at - OnlineSktDict

• अनुद्योगिता (anudyogitaa)
Skt: अनुद्योगिता (anudyogitaa) -unemployment - OnlineSktDict

• अनुद्योगी (anudyogii)
Skt: अनुद्योगी (anudyogii) -unemployed - OnlineSktDict

• अनुद्विग्नमनाः (anudvignamanaaH)
Skt: अनुद्विग्नमनाः (anudvignamanaaH) -not agitation - OnlineSktDict

• अनुद्वगकरं (anudvegakaraM)
Skt: अनुद्वगकरं (anudvegakaraM) -not agitating  - OnlineSktDict

• अनुपकारिणे (anupakaariNe)
Skt: अनुपकारिणे (anupakaariNe) -irrespective of return- OnlineSktDict

• अनुपश्यति (anupashyati)
Skt: अनुपश्यति (anupashyati) -one tries to see through authority - OnlineSktDict

• अनुपश्यन्ति (anupashyanti)
Skt: अनुपश्यन्ति (anupashyanti) -can see - OnlineSktDict

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• अनुपश्यामि (anupashyaami)
Skt: अनुपश्यामि (anupashyaami)  -do I foresee - OnlineSktDict

• अनुप्रपन्नाः (anuprapannaaH)
Skt: अनुप्रपन्नाः (anuprapannaaH) -following - OnlineSktDict

• अनुबन्ध (anubandha)
Skt: अनुबन्ध (anubandha) -(m) result, effect - OnlineSktDict

• अनुबन्धं (anubandhaM)
Skt: अनुबन्धं (anubandhaM) -of future bondage - OnlineSktDict

• अनुबन्धः (anubandhaH)
Skt: अनुबन्धः (anubandhaH) -(m) annexure - OnlineSktDict

• अनुबन्धीनि (anubandhiini)
Skt: अनुबन्धीनि (anubandhiini) - bound- OnlineSktDict

• अनुबन्धे (anubandhe)
Skt: अनुबन्धे (anubandhe) at the end - OnlineSktDict

• अनुभवः (anubhavaH)
Skt: अनुभवः (anubhavaH) -(m) experience - OnlineSktDict

• अनुमन्ता (anumantaa)
Skt: अनुमन्ता (anumantaa) - permitter  - OnlineSktDict

• अनुमातुं (anumaatuM)
Skt: अनुमातुं (anumaatuM) -to guess - OnlineSktDict

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• अनुमान (anumaana)
Skt: अनुमान (anumaana) - an inference - OnlineSktDict

• अनुमानात् (anumaanaat.h)
Skt: अनुमानात् (anumaanaat.h) - (ablat,) from guessing or induction - OnlineSktDict

• अनुयायिनः (anuyaayinaH)
Skt: अनुयायिनः (anuyaayinaH) - followers - OnlineSktDict

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• अनुरज्यते (anurajyate)
Skt: अनुरज्यते (anurajyate) -is becoming attached - OnlineSktDict

• अनुराधा (anuraadhaa) 
Skt: अनुराधा (anuraadhaa) - Seventeenth nakshatra - OnlineSktDict

See my note on Anuradha nakshatra

• अनुलिप्त (anulipta)
Skt: अनुलिप्त (anulipta) - smeared - OnlineSktDict

• अनुलेख (anulekha)
Skt: अनुलेख (anulekha) - destiny - OnlineSktDict

• अनुलेपनं (anulepanaM)
Skt: अनुलेपनं (anulepanaM) - smeared with - OnlineSktDict

• अनुलोम (anuloma)
Skt: अनुलोम (anuloma) - with the grain, naturally - OnlineSktDict

• अनुवर्तते (anuvartate)
Skt: अनुवर्तते (anuvartate) - follows in the footsteps - OnlineSktDict

• अनुवर्तन्ते (anuvartante)
Skt: अनुवर्तन्ते (anuvartante) - would follow  - OnlineSktDict

• अनुवर्तयति (anuvartayati)
Skt: अनुवर्तयति (anuvartayati) - adopt - OnlineSktDict

• अनुवादं (anuvaadaM)
Skt: अनुवादं (anuvaadaM) - translation - OnlineSktDict

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• अनुवाद्य (anuvaadya)
Skt: अनुवाद्य (anuvaadya) - having translated  - OnlineSktDict

• अनुविधीयते (anuvidhiiyate)
Skt: अनुविधीयते (anuvidhiiyate) - becomes constantly engaged - OnlineSktDict

• अनुशासितारं (anushaasitaaraM)
Skt: अनुशासितारं (anushaasitaaraM) - the controller - OnlineSktDict

• अनुशुश्रुम (anushushruma)
Skt: अनुशुश्रुम (anushushruma)  - I have heard by disciplic succession - OnlineSktDict

• अनुशोचन्ति (anushochanti)
Skt: अनुशोचन्ति (anushochanti) - lament - OnlineSktDict

• अनुशोचितुं (anushochituM)
Skt: अनुशोचितुं (anushochituM) - to lament - OnlineSktDict

• अनुषज्जते (anushhajjate)
Skt: अनुषज्जते (anushhajjate) - one necessarily engages - OnlineSktDict

• अनुष्टुप् (anushhTup.h)
Skt: अनुष्टुप् (anushhTup.h) - the format's name - OnlineSktDict

• अनुष्टन (anushhThana)
Skt: अनुष्टन (anushhThana) -(n) performance, execution - OnlineSktDict

• अनुसन्ततानि (anusantataani)
Skt: अनुसन्ततानि (anusantataani) -extended - OnlineSktDict

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• अनुसन्धानं (anusandhaanaM)
Skt: अनुसन्धानं (anusandhaanaM) -(n) investigation - OnlineSktDict

• अनुसार (anusaara)
Skt: अनुसार (anusaara) -following, customary (masc)- OnlineSktDict

• अनुसूची (anusuuchii)
Skt: अनुसूची (anusuuchii) -schedule - OnlineSktDict

• अनुस्मर (anusmara)
Skt: अनुस्मर (anusmara) -go on remembering - OnlineSktDict

• अनुस्मरन् (anusmaran.h)
Skt: अनुस्मरन् (anusmaran.h) -remembering - OnlineSktDict

• अनुस्मरेत् (anusmaret.h)
Skt: अनुस्मरेत् (anusmaret.h) -always thinks of - OnlineSktDict

• अनुस्वारः (anusvaaraH)
Skt: अनुस्वारः (anusvaaraH) -the accompanying sound or letter (the letter form '.n' 'M" ?)- OnlineSktDict

• अनुज्ञायतां (anuGYaayataaM)
Skt: अनुज्ञायतां (anuGYaayataaM) -v be given leave / permission - OnlineSktDict

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{a.nu} अनू

• अनूचानं (anuuchaanaM)
Skt: अनूचानं (anuuchaanaM) -(teacher?) - OnlineSktDict

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{a.nRi.} अनृ

• अनृत (anRita)
Skt: अनृत (anRita) -false - OnlineSktDict

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{a.nι} अने

• अनेक (aneka) 
Skt: अनेक (aneka)  - Many - OnlineSktDict

• अनेकधा (a-ne-ka-dhaa)
Skt: अनेकधा (a-ne-ka-dhaa)  - into many - OnlineSktDict

• अनेकवचनं (anekavachanaM)
Skt: अनेकवचनं (anekavachanaM) - plural - OnlineSktDict

• अनेकानि (anekaani)
Skt: अनेकानि (anekaani) - many - OnlineSktDict

• अनेन (anena)
Skt: अनेन (anena) - by this - OnlineSktDict

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UKT notes

Ananta (अनन्त)

From Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ananta_Shesha 100412

Ananta (अनन्त) is a Sanskrit word meaning "without end". It may refer to:
• Ananta (infinite), one of the names of Vishnu.
• Ananta Shesha, a serpent on which Vishnu lies.

In Hindu (Vedic) tradition, Shesha (Śeṣa शेष) or Adi-shesha (Sheshanaag) is the king of all nagas, one of the primal beings of creation, and according to the Bhagavata Purana, an avatar of the Supreme God[1] known as Sankarshan. In the Puranas, Shesha is said to hold all the planets of the Universe on his hoods and to constantly sing the glories of Vishnu from all his mouths. He is sometimes referred to as "Ananta-Shesha" which means "Endless Shesha" and as "Adishesha", which means First snake.

A dasa (servant) of Lord Vishnu, he is said to have incarnated in two of his Avatars: Lakshmana, brother of Lord Rama, and Balarama, brother of Lord Krishna.


Shesha is generally depicted with a massive form that floats coiled in space, or on the universal ocean, to form the bed on which Vishnu lies. Sometimes he is shown as five-headed or seven-headed, but more commonly as a many hundred-headed serpent, sometimes with each head wearing an ornate crown.

He is closely associated with Vishnu. His name means "that which remains", from the Sanskrit root śiṣ, because when the world is destroyed at the end of the kalpa, Shesha remains as he is.

UKT: More in Wikipedia article.

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Ananta-vijaya conch :
अनन्तविजयं (anantavijayaM)

by UKT based on The Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 1: Arjuna's Despondency
http://www.essenceofthegita.com/gita-images/The%20Gita%20Chapter%201%20Rev.pdf 100215
   At a time after I had passed my 40th birthday, an older friend of mine U Nyein Maung, husband of Daw Thaung (Ma Ma Thaung of Pyapon to me) brought to my attention the importance of discharging one's duty (in my case, as a teacher and examiner who could decide whether to pass or fail a student which surely would affect his future) by just focusing on the "Present". He cited Krishna's advice to Arjuna when the latter became despondent on the battlefield on the prospect of killing his own kinsmen on the other side. I must mention here that though we are Buddhists, we do respect Hinduism, and other religions, and I delved into my own collection of Bhagavad Gita which my cousin had bought some 20 years ago. At present, I am now 75, I can no longer find my old book. However, the following is from the Gita.

  12. “Grandsire Bhishma, the oldest and most powerful of the Kuru dynasty (restless mind), in order to cheer Duryodhana blew his conch shell with a roar like a lion (drew a restless breath).
  13. Then began a great chorus of conches, kettledrums, cymbals, drums, and trumpets. The commotion was tremendous. (The restless vibrations of the senses started.)
  14. Then Lord Krishna (here, the Christ consciousness at the spiritual eye) and Arjuna (the meditating devotee), seated in a grand chariot yoked with white horses (with the senses reined in), blew their celestial conches (inner astral sounds).
  15. -18. Krishna blew His conch, Panchajanya, Arjuna blew his conch, Devadatta; and Bhima, the doer of formidable deeds, blew (his) big conch, Paundra. The son of Kunti, King Yudhishthira, blew his conch Anantavijaya, while Nakula and Sahadeva blew respectively Sughosha and Manipushpaka. Then King of Kashi; the mighty archer; Shikhandi; the great warrior, Dhristadyumna; Virata; the invincible Satyaki; King Drupada; and the sons of Draupadi; the mighty son of Subhadra, all of them blew their respective conches, O lord of the earth.

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Anuradha :
(अनुराधा)(அனுஷம்) (Disciple of Divine Spark)

From Wikipedia, excerpt: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nakshatra 100306

Western star name: β, δ and π Scorpii
Lord: Shani (Saturn)
Symbol : Triumphal archway, lotus
Deity : Mitra, one of Adityas of friendship and partnership
Indian zodiac: 3°20' - 16°40' Vrishchika ; Western zodiac 29°20' Scorpio - 12°40' Sagittarius

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