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{a.län} अलं
{a.la.}  अल
{a.li} अली
{a.lau:} अलो
{a.l~} अल् 

Note: "Checking" a vowel with <l> is not always complete : the vowel remains free, e.g. <tall> /tɔːl/ .
That the vowel remains free is usually indicated by the IPA /ː/ known as "triangular colon". This is similar to Burmese-Myanmar {bo~l} which is pronounced as // {bo}.
   A similar situation is also met in words "checked" by <w>, e.g. <cow> /kaʊ/. This is similar to
{pa.~o.w} pronounced as // {pa.o.}. I am waiting for comments from my Burmese-Myanmar peers.
-- UKT 100307.

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{a.län} अलं

• अलं (alaM) 
Skt: अलं (alaM) - especially - OnlineSktDict

• अलंकारदीप्तं (ala.nkaaradiiptaM)
= अ ल ं क ा र द ी प ् त ं
Skt: अलंकारदीप्तं (ala.nkaaradiiptaM) - shining with adornments, decorations - OnlineSktDict

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{a.la.} अल

• अलङ्कृत (ala.nkRita)
Skt: अलङ्कृत (ala.nkRita) - decorated/ ornamented - OnlineSktDict

• अलब्धभूमिफत्व (alabdhabhuumikatva)
Skt: अलब्धभूमिफत्व (alabdhabhuumikatva)  - the feeling that it is impossible to see reality - OnlineSktDict

• अलभ्य (alabhya)
Skt: अलभ्य (alabhya) - Difficult - OnlineSktDict

• अलसः (alasaH)
  Skt: अलसः (alasaH) - lazy - OnlineSktDict
  Pal: alasa -  adj.  idle, lazy, slothful.  -  UPMT-PED028

• अलस्य (alasya)
Skt: अलस्य (alasya) - indolence - OnlineSktDict

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• अलक्षमान (alakShamaana)
Skt: अलक्षमान (alakShamaana) - one who disregards - OnlineSktDict

• अलक्ष्मिः (alakShmiH)
Skt: अलक्ष्मिः (alakShmiH) - poverty (alaxmiH is opp. of laxmiH) - OnlineSktDict

¤ अलक्षित  alakṣita  adj.  stealthy  - SpkSkt
¤ अलक्षितं  alakṣitaṃ  adj.  stealthily  - SpkSkt

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{a.li} अली

• अलीक (aliika)
Skt: अलीक (aliika) - adj.  false,  untrue  -- OnlineSktDict
Pal:  alīka  n. the forehead, falsehood;  adj.  false, untrue  -  UPMT-PED028 

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{a.lau:} अलो

• अलोलुप्त्वं (aloluptvaM)
Skt: अलोलुप्त्वं (aloluptvaM) - freedom from greed - OnlineSktDict

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{a.l~} अल् 

• अल्प (alpa)
Skt: अल्प (alpa) - small, little - OnlineSktDict

• अल्पं (alpaM)
Skt: अल्पं (alpaM) - a few, little, inadequate - OnlineSktDict

• अल्पधी (alpadhii)
Skt: अल्पधी (alpadhii) - mental deficiency - OnlineSktDict

• अल्पबुद्धयः (alpabuddhayaH)
Skt: अल्पबुद्धयः (alpabuddhayaH) - the less intelligent - OnlineSktDict

• अल्पमेधसां (alpamedhasaaM)
Skt: अल्पमेधसां (alpamedhasaaM) - of those of small intelligence - OnlineSktDict

• अल्पवयस्कं (alpavayaskaM)
Skt: अल्पवयस्कं (alpavayaskaM) - young (small) age - OnlineSktDict

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• अल्पायु (alpaayu)
Skt: अल्पायु (alpaayu) - Short life between 8 and 32 years - OnlineSktDict

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