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{a.Gän} अघं
{a.Ga} अघा


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{a.Gän} अघं

• अघंमन (aghaMmanaH)
Skt: अघंमन (aghaMmanaH) - (adj) evil-minded - OnlineSktDict

• अघं (aghaM)
Skt: अघं (aghaM) - grievous sins - OnlineSktDict

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¤ aghaṭamāna
Skt: aghaṭamāna - a-ghaṭamāna mfn. incongruous, incoherent - MonWilliWash

¤ aghana
Skt: aghana - a-ghana mfn. not dense or solid - MonWilliWash

¤ अघनासक aghanāsaka
Skt: अघनासक aghanāsaka - adj. sin destroying, expiatory. m. expiator  - SpkSkt

expiation n. 1. The act of expiating; atonement. 2. A means of expiating or atoning.
expiatory adj.  - AHTD

¤ agharma
Skt: agharma - a-gharma mfn. not hot, cool - SpkSkt

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{a.Ga} अघा

• अघायुः (aghaayuH)
Skt: अघायुः (aghaayuH) - whose life is full of sins - OnlineSktDict

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¤ aghoṣa
Skt: aghoṣa - a-ghoṣa m. (in Gr.) 'non-sonance, absence of all sound or soft murmur, 'hard articulation or effort as applied to the hard consonants and Visarga
   # (mfn.), soundless, hard (as the hard consonants) - MonWilliWash

¤ अघोस्  aghos
Skt: अघोस्  aghos - ind.  O sinner - SpkSkt
Skt: aghos - aghos ind., voc. of agha-vat, O sinner! Pāṇ. 8-3, 1 Sch., also Pāṇ. 8-3, 17 seqq - OnlineSktDict

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