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{a.Da.} अध
{a.Di.} अधि
{a.Di} अधी
{a.Du.} अधु
{a.Dau:} अधो
{ûD} अध्
{a.Dya.} अध्य
{a.Dya} अध्या
{a.Dyé} अध्ये
{a.Dyau:} अध्यो
{a.Dru.} अध्रु
{a.Dwa.} अध्व
{a.Dwa} अध्वा


UKT notes
• Dog stretch posture • Principles of Subjective Existence and Objective Existence (Existence of God)

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{a.Da.} अध

• अधः (adhaH)
Skt: अधः (adhaH) - (indeclinable) below - OnlineSktDict

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• अधन (adhana)
Skt: अधन (adhana) - one without money - OnlineSktDict

• अधम (adhama)
Skt: अधम (adhama) - inferior - OnlineSktDict

• अधमां (adhamaaM)
Skt: अधमां (adhamaaM) - condemned - OnlineSktDict

• अधमाधम (adhamaadhama)
Skt: अधमाधम (adhamaadhama) - the worst among the inferior - OnlineSktDict

• अधर (adhara)
Skt: अधर (adhara) - Lip - OnlineSktDict

• अधरः (adharaH)
Skt: अधरः (adharaH) - (m) lips - OnlineSktDict

• अधरात् (adharaat.h)
Skt: अधरात् (adharaat.h) - from belwo - OnlineSktDict

• अधर्म (adharma)
Skt: अधर्म (adharma) - breach of duty - OnlineSktDict

• अधर्मं (adharmaM)
Skt अधर्मं (adharmaM) - irreligion - OnlineSktDict

• अधर्मः (adharmaH)
Skt: अधर्मः (adharmaH) - irreligion - OnlineSktDict

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• अधर्मचारी (adharmachaarii)
Skt: अधर्मचारी (adharmachaarii) - adj. impious - OnlineSktDict

• अधर्मस्य (adharmasya)
Skt: अधर्मस्य (adharmasya) - of irreligion - OnlineSktDict

¤ अधवा  adhavā  f. widow - SpkSkt

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{a.Di.} अधि
not entered in OnlineSktDict

• अधि  adhi 
  Skt: prep.  at  - SpkSkt
  Pal: {a.Di.} - UHS-PMD0044
  Pal: अधि  adhi  prep. above, superior to - UPMT-PED012

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• अधिक (adhika)
  Skt: अधिक (adhika) - additional - OnlineSktDict
  Pal: adhika  adj.  exceeding, more than, excelling - UPMT-PED012

• अधिकं (adhikaM)
Skt: अधिकं (adhikaM) - more - OnlineSktDict

• अधिकः (adhikaH)
Skt: अधिकः (adhikaH) - greater - OnlineSktDict

• अधिकतरः (adhikataraH)
Skt: अधिकतरः (adhikataraH) - very much - OnlineSktDict

• अधिकार (adhikaara)
Skt: अधिकार (adhikaara) - title - OnlineSktDict

• अधिकारः (adhikaaraH)
Skt: अधिकारः (adhikaaraH) - right - OnlineSktDict

• अधिकारितन्त्रं (adhikaaritantraM)
Skt: अधिकारितन्त्रं (adhikaaritantraM) - n. bureaucracy - OnlineSktDict

• अधिक्षिपति (adhikShipati) = अ ध ि क ् ष ि प त ि
Skt: अधिक्षिपति (adhikShipati) - to censure - OnlineSktDict

¤ अधिकोष-शुल्क   adhikoṣa-śulka   m.   bank charges
¤ अधिज्य adhijya = अ ध ि ज ् य     adj. having the bow - string stretched
¤ अधिज्य adhijya  adj. well-strung

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• अधिक्षिपति (adhikShipati) : double entry?
Skt: अधिक्षिपति (adhikShipati) - to censure - OnlineSktDict

• अधिक्षेपः (adhikShepaH)
Skt: अधिक्षेपः (adhikShepaH) - (m) accusation - OnlineSktDict

• अधिगच्छति (adhigachchhati)
Skt: अधिगच्छति (adhigachchhati) - attains - OnlineSktDict

• अधिगम्य (adhigamya)
Skt: अधिगम्य (adhigamya) - having gone to - OnlineSktDict

• अधिदेव adhideva  m.  principle of subjective existence - SpkSkt

See my note on the Principles of Subjective and Objective Existence

• अधिदैव (adhidaiva)
  Skt: the Principle of Subjective Existence - OnlineSktDict
  UKT: Note the Devan spelling difference: {dé-wa.} and {dè:wa.} - 100510

• अधिदैवं (adhidaivaM)
Skt: अधिदैवं (adhidaivaM) - governing all the demigods - OnlineSktDict

• अधिदैवतं (adhidaivataM)
Skt: अधिदैवतं (adhidaivataM) - called adhidaiva - OnlineSktDict

• अधिनियमः (adhiniyamaH)
Skt: अधिनियमः (adhiniyamaH) - (m) act - OnlineSktDict

• अधिप (adhipa)
Skt: अधिप (adhipa) - protector - OnlineSktDict

• अधिपति (adhipati)
Skt: अधिपति (adhipati) - lord - OnlineSktDict

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• अधिभुत (adhibhuta)
 Skt: अधिभुत (adhibhuta) - the Principle of Objective Existence - OnlineSktDict

• अधिभूतं (adhibhuutaM)
Skt: अधिभूतं (adhibhuutaM) - the material manifestation - OnlineSktDict

• अधिमात्र (adhimaatra)
Skt: अधिमात्र (adhimaatra) - superior - OnlineSktDict

• अधिमात्रातम (adhimaatraatama)
Skt: अधिमात्रातम (adhimaatraatama) - the highest, the supreme one - OnlineSktDict


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• अधियज्ञ (adhiyaGYa)
Skt: अधियज्ञ (adhiyaGYa) - the principle of sacrifice, incarnation - OnlineSktDict

• अधियज्ञ (adhiyaGYaH)
Skt: अधियज्ञ (adhiyaGYaH) - the Supersoul - OnlineSktDict

• अधिवास (adhivaasa)
Skt: अधिवास (adhivaasa) - dwelling - OnlineSktDict

• अधिवेशनं (adhiveshanaM)
Skt: अधिवेशनं (adhiveshanaM) - (n) conference - OnlineSktDict

• अधिष्ठान (adhishhThaana)
Skt: अधिष्ठान (adhishhThaana) - seat, abode - OnlineSktDict

• अधिष्ठानं (adhishhThaanaM)
Skt: अधिष्ठानं (adhishhThaanaM) - sitting place - OnlineSktDict

• अधिष्ठाय (adhishhThaaya)
Skt: अधिष्ठाय (adhishhThaaya) - being so situated - OnlineSktDict

• अधिसरि (adhisari)
Skt: अधिसरि (adhisari) - competent candidate - OnlineSktDict


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{a.Di} अधी

• अधीत (adhiita)
Skt: अधीत (adhiita) - studied - OnlineSktDict

• अधीता (adhiitaa)
Skt: अधीता (adhiitaa) - studied - OnlineSktDict

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• अधीयानः (adhiiyaanaH)
Skt: अधीयानः (adhiiyaanaH) - studied - OnlineSktDict


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{a.Du.} अधु

• अधुना (adhunaa)
Skt: अधुना (adhunaa) - recently - OnlineSktDict

¤ अधुनापि नागतः adhunāpi nāgataḥ sent. He has not yet come.

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{a.Dau:} अधो

• अधोमुख (adhomukha)
Skt: अधोमुख (adhomukha) - face downwards - OnlineSktDict

• अधोमुखश्वानासन (adhomukhashvaanaasana) See my note on Dog stretch posture .
Skt: अधोमुखश्वानासन (adhomukhashvaanaasana) - the dog stretch posture - OnlineSktDict

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{ûD} अध्

{a.Dya.} अध्य

• अध्ययन (adhyayana)
Skt: अध्ययन (adhyayana) - study - OnlineSktDict

• अध्ययनैः (adhyayanaiH)
Skt: अध्ययनैः (adhyayanaiH) - or Vedic study - OnlineSktDict

• अध्यक्षेण (adhyakSheNa)
Skt: अध्यक्षेण (adhyakSheNa) - by superintendence - OnlineSktDict

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{a.Dya} अध्या

• अध्यात्म (adhyaatma)
Skt: अध्यात्म (adhyaatma) - the principle of self - OnlineSktDict

• अध्यात्मं (adhyaatmaM)
Skt: अध्यात्मं (adhyaatmaM) - transcendental - OnlineSktDict

• अध्यात्मविद्या (adhyaatmavidyaa)
Skt: अध्यात्मविद्या (adhyaatmavidyaa) - spiritual knowledge - OnlineSktDict

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• अध्यादेशः (adhyaadeshaH)
Skt: अध्यादेशः (adhyaadeshaH) - (m) ordinance - OnlineSktDict

• अध्यापयितुं (adhyaapayituM)
Skt: अध्यापयितुं (adhyaapayituM) - to teach ( infinitive of causative of adhi + i, to study) - OnlineSktDict

• अध्यापिका (adhyaapikaa)
Skt: अध्यापिका (adhyaapikaa) - (f) lady teacher - OnlineSktDict

• अध्यास adhyāsa (adhyaasa)
Skt: अध्यास adhyāsa (adhyaasa) - a case of mistaken identity - OnlineSktDict
  Skt:  m.  case of mistaken identity; appendix ; attachment (to email) - SpkSkt


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{a.Dyé} अध्ये

• अध्येष्यते (adhyeshhyate)
Skt: अध्येष्यते (adhyeshhyate) - will study - OnlineSktDict

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{a.Dyau:} अध्यो

• अध्योपत्य (adhyopatya)
Skt: अध्योपत्य (adhyopatya) - Lordship - OnlineSktDict

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{a.Dru.} अध्रु

• अध्रुवं (adhruvaM) = अ ध ् र ु व ं
Skt: अध्रुवं (adhruvaM) - temporary - OnlineSktDict

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{a.Dwa.} अध्व

• अध्वन् (adhvan.h)
Skt: अध्वन् (adhvan.h) - road - OnlineSktDict

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{a.Dwa} अध्वा

• अध्वान् (adhvaan.h)
Skt: अध्वान् (adhvaan.h) - (m) road, path, way - OnlineSktDict

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UKT notes

Dog stretch posture
Adhomukha Svanasana

From: http://yoga.org.nz/postures/dog_yoga_instruction.htm 100510

The downward yoga pose is named as such as it resembles the shape of a Dog stretching itself out. This pose helps to strengthen, stretch and reduce stiffness in the legs while strengthening and shaping the upper body. Dog pose Yoga Posture . One of the main yoga asanas. If you have time for only one posture try this one.

Holding this pose for a minute or longer will stimulate and restore energy levels if you are tired. Regular practice of this pose rejuvenates the entire body and gently stimulates your nervous system.

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Principles of Subjective Existence and Objective Existence

UKT: Searching on the Principle of Subjective Existence (Skt: अधिदैव (adhidaiva) = अ ध ि द ै व --> UKT-translit: / {a.Di. dè:wa.}/) and the opposing view Principle of Objective Existence (अधिभुत (adhibhuta) = अ ध ि भ ु त --> UKT-translit: / {a.Di. Bu.ta.}/)  brought up: H. Chaudhuri in Philosophy, 1954, www.jstor.org/stable/1396951 100412, " Atman, the unifying principle of subjective existence, is affirmed to be in .... The Brahman of Hindu philosophy and the Sunyata or Void of Buddhism ... " . The following is from Wikipedia : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Existence_of_God 100412

Arguments for and against the existence of God have been proposed by philosophers, theologians, scientists, and others. In philosophical terminology, "existence-of-God" arguments concern schools of thought on the epistemology of the ontology of God.

The debate concerning the existence of God raises many philosophical issues. A basic problem is that there is no universally accepted definition of God or existence. Some definitions of God's existence are so non-specific that it is certain that something exists that meets the definition; in stark contrast, there are suggestions that other definitions are self-contradictory. A wide variety of arguments exist which can be categorized as metaphysical, logical, empirical, or subjective. Although rarely studied scientifically, the question of the existence of God is subject to lively debate both in philosophy[1] — the philosophy of religion being almost entirely devoted to the question — and in popular culture.

UKT: More in the Wikipedia article.

Inset pix shows a personalized God creating Man. Of course, few believe in such a crude concept. - UKT 100508

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