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{a.ba.} {a.bya.}
{a.bu.} अबु
{a.bau:} अबो
{b~} अबु
{a.bya.} अब्य --> {a.wya.} अव्य
{a.bra.} अब्र


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{a.ba.} अब

अबन्धु (abandhu)
= अ ब न ् ध ु 
Skt: अबन्धु (abandhu) - one who does not have any brothers/ kinmen - OnlineSktDict

अबल (abala)
Skt: अबल (abala) - helpless - OnlineSktDict

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अबला {abalaa}
Skt: (abalaa) - (helpless) woman - OnlineSktDict
Pal: abala  adj.  weak;  f.  a woman  - UPMT-PED020

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{a.bu.} अबु

अबुद्धयः (abuddhayaH)
Skt: अबुद्धयः (abuddhayaH) - less intelligent persons - OnlineSktDict

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{a.bau:} अबो

अबोध (abodha)
Skt: अबोध (abodha) - Ignorance - OnlineSktDict

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{b} अबु

अब्द (abda)
Skt: अब्द (abda) - Season of plenty - OnlineSktDict

अब्धि (abdhi)
Skt: अब्धि (abdhi) - sea - OnlineSktDict

अब्धी (abdhii)
Skt: अब्धी (abdhii) - (m) ocean, sea - OnlineSktDict

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{a.bya.} अब्य
not entered in OnlineSktDict

UKT: Since Burmese-Myanmar does not have labio-dental /v/,
transliteration of the entries with /v/ are substituted with {a.bya.}, e.g. 
Skt-Dev अव्य = अ व ् य   --> अब्य = अ ब ् य
Bur-Myan -->
See {a.bya.} - a1vya1-021b2-5.htm


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{a.bra.} अब्र

अब्रवीत् (abraviit.h)
Skt: अब्रवीत् (abraviit.h) - spoke - OnlineSktDict

अब्रह्मण्य (abrahmaNya)
Skt: अब्रह्मण्य (abrahmaNya) - Note kosher - OnlineSktDict

UKT: Skt-Dev व is consistently denoted by v -- not by {wa.} , and since Burmese-Myanmar does not have /v/, words beginning with Skt vy are substituted with {bya.}, e.g.,
व्यञ्जन  vyajana  n.  consonant (Grammar)

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