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{mn-ga.} मंग
{mn-ta.} मंत
{mn-a.} मंस / {mn-a.} मंस
{ma.ka.} मक

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मांदोऽपि (ma..ndo.api)
= म ा ं द ो ऽ प ि
Skt: मांदोऽपि (ma..ndo.api) - mandaH + api: though dull or slow - OnlineSktDict

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{mn-ga.} मंग : Pal: {mn~ga.}

मंगलं (ma.ngalaM) =  मंगलं  {mn-ga.ln}
Skt: मंगलं (ma.ngalaM) - (Nr.nom. + accc.S) auspiciousness - OnlineSktDict
Pal: {mn~ga.la.} -
  - UHS-PMD0746

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{mn-ta.} मंत

मंत्रस्य (ma.ntrasya)
= म ं त ् र स ् य
Skt: मंत्रस्य (ma.ntrasya) - mantra's - OnlineSktDict

मंत्रेण (ma.ntreNa)
Skt: मंत्रेण (ma.ntreNa) - thro' the mantra - OnlineSktDict

मंद (ma.nda)
Skt: मंद (ma.nda) - Dull - OnlineSktDict

मंदिर (ma.ndira)
Skt: मंदिर (ma.ndira) - temple - OnlineSktDict

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{mn-a.} मंस / {mn-a.} मंस्य

मंस्यन्ते (ma.nsyante)
= म ं स ् य न ् त े
Skt: मंस्यन्ते (ma.nsyante) - they will consider - OnlineSktDict

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{ma.ka.} मक

मकर (makara) {ma.ka.ra.}
Skt: मकर (makara) - crocodile - OnlineSktDict
Skt: मकर  makara  m.  crocodile - SpkSkt
Skt: मकरी  makarī  f.  crocodile - SpkSkt

मकरः (makaraH) {ma.ka.ra:}
Skt: मकरः (makaraH) - crocodile - OnlineSktDict

मकरासन (makaraasana)
Skt: मकरासन (makaraasana) - the crocodile posture - OnlineSktDict

मखत्राता (makhatraataa)
Skt: मखत्राता (makhatraataa) - the protector, saviour of makha (Indra) - OnlineSktDict

UKT: मकर (makara) in Pal-Dev , the same as {ma.ka.ra.} in Pal-Myan , is given by UPMT-PED-164 as m. mythical fish, sea monster. UHS-PMD-0743 as {ma.kan:}.

UKT: As it is, the word for 'crocodile' in Skt. मकरः (makaraH) {ma.ka.ra:} pronunciation (in red), is not allowed by Burmese-Myanmar phonotactics. What would be allowed is {ma.ka.ra:} from which we get मकराः . I'm unable to resolve this at present because of my ignorance of Sanskrit. I'm waiting for comments from my peers. -- UKT 100122

मकर-गण  makara-gaṇa 
Skt: मकर-गण  makara-gaṇa - m.  Crocodilia [zool.] - SpkSkt

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मग्न (magna) = म ग ् न
Skt: मग्न (magna) - adj. immersed - OnlineSktDict

मघा (maghaa)
Skt: मघा (maghaa) - Also known as makka. Tenth nakshatra - OnlineSktDict

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मङ्गल (ma.ngala)
Skt: मङ्गल (ma.ngala) - Mars. Also Auspiciousness and well-being - OnlineSktDict

मङ्गलवार (ma.ngalavaara)
Skt: मङ्गलवार (ma.ngalavaara) - Tuesday - OnlineSktDict

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मच्चित्तः (machchittaH)
Skt: मच्चित्तः (machchittaH) - in consciousness of Me - OnlineSktDict

मच्चित्ताः (machchittaaH)
Skt: मच्चित्ताः (machchittaaH) - their minds fully engaged in Me - OnlineSktDict

मजिन (majina)
Skt: मजिन (majina) - deer skin? - OnlineSktDict

मज्जत् (majjat.h)
Skt: मज्जत् (majjat.h) - one who takes a dip - OnlineSktDict

मज्जति (majjati)
Skt: मज्जति (majjati) - (6 pp) to sink, to drown - OnlineSktDict

मज्न्चः (maJNchaH)
= म ज ् न ् च ः
Skt: मज्न्चः (maJNchaH) - m. bed - OnlineSktDict

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