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{ti.} ति / {tin}
{ti} ती

UKT notes
{mhn-ku} - wild olive

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{ti.} ति

तिक्त (tikta)
Skt: तिक्त (tikta) - adj. bitter - OnlineSktDict
Skt: तिक्त  tikta  adj.  bitter, pungent ; adj. ppp.  fragrant; aromatic ; m. fragrance - SpkSkt

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तितिक्षा  titikṣā 
Skt: तितिक्षा  titikṣā  f. endurance, patience, forbearance - SpkSkt
Pal: titikkhā  f.  (√tij) patience, forbearance, long-suffering - UPMT-PED104
Pal: {ti.taik~hka} - UHS-PMD0441

तितिक्षस्व (titikShasva)
Skt: तितिक्षस्व (titikShasva) - just try to tolerate - OnlineSktDict

तित्तिभ (tittibha)
Skt: तित्तिभ (tittibha) - a firefly - OnlineSktDict

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तित्तिभासन (tittibhaasana)

तिन्त्रिणी (tintriNii)
Skt: तिन्त्रिणी (tintriNii) - f. tamarind - OnlineSktDict
Pal: tintiṇī  f. the tamarind tree - UPMT-PED105
Pal: {tain~ti.Ni} - UHS-PMD0442

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तिमिर (timira)
Skt: तिमिर (timira) - darkness - OnlineSktDict
Pal: timira  n. darkness - UPMT-PED105
Pal: {ti.mi.ra.} - UHS-PMD0443

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तिल (tila)
Skt: तिल (tila) - seseme seeds - OnlineSktDict
Pal: tila  m. sesamum plant - UPMT-PED105
Pal: {ti.la.} - UHS-PMD0445

तिलकम् (tilakam.h)
Skt: तिलकम् (tilakam.h) - n. bindi (the "dot on the forehead") - OnlineSktDict
*Pal: tilaka  m. a mole, freckle, sectarial mark on the forehead - UPMT-PED105
*Pal: {ti.la.ka.} - UHS-PMD0445

See my note on {mhan-ku} or wild olive plant

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तिष्ठति (tishhThati)
Skt: तिष्ठति (tishhThati) - (1 pp) to stand - OnlineSktDict

तिष्ठनि (tishhThani)
Skt: तिष्ठनि (tishhThani) - stand (from sthaa) - OnlineSktDict

तिष्ठन्तं (tishhThantaM)
Skt: तिष्ठन्तं (tishhThantaM) - residing - OnlineSktDict

तिष्ठन्ति (tishhThanti)
Skt: तिष्ठन्ति (tishhThanti) - dwell - OnlineSktDict

तिष्ठसि (tishhThasi)
Skt: तिष्ठसि (tishhThasi) - remain - OnlineSktDict

तिष्य  tiṣya  m. auspicious, fortunate - SpkSkt

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{ti} ती

तीर्थंकर tīrthaṅkara
Skt: तीर्थंकर tīrthaṅkara - Jainism lit. 'ford-Maker'
  - a human being who achieves moksa 'liberation, enlightenment'
  -- Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tirthankara 110918

तीर (tiira)
Skt: तीर (tiira) - n. edge, bank - OnlineSktDict
Pal: tīra  n. a shore, bank - UPMT-PED105
Pal: {ti-ra.} - UHS-PMD0446

तीक्ष्ण (tiikShNa)
Skt: तीक्ष्ण (tiikShNa) - pungent - OnlineSktDict

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UKT notes

Wild olive aka {mhn-ku}

UKT: With regard to our Bur-Myan language, we have come to such a sad state of ignorance that many young Myanmar in their native land are becoming ignorant of their own language. Thus, many would not know the meaning of the Bur-Myan {mhan-ku}. - UKT 100807

{mhan-ku} n. 1. climbing shrub bearing red acidulous oblong fruit, Elaeagnus latifolia . 2. rhomboidal or circular caste mark on a Brahmin's forehead. 3. diamond shape or figure ; lozenge ; rhomboid ; reticulation. 4. [fig] holy or exalted personage. - MED378

See Botanical Names of Myanmar Plants of Importance by Agricultural Department (Planning), Government of Union of Myanmar, 2000, pp 65, entry 49-1287 for {mhan-ku} Elacagnus latifolia  Eleagnaceae [wild olive]. Though {mhan-ku-i:} and {kra.su.u:} are from different plants, the dried unripe fruits are of the same shape. See also CD 4 of 4 of this series: Myanmar Medicinal Plants (MMPDB)
- M04-MMPDB-indx.htm

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