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{Dar~} धर् 
{Dar~ma.} धर्म
{Dar~m} धर्मे
{Dar~mya.} धर्म्य
{Da.wa.} धव
{Da.a.}  धस

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{Dar~} धर् 

धर्ताऽसि (dhartaa.asi)
Skt: धर्ताऽसि (dhartaa.asi) - are the bearer or support - OnlineSktDict

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{Dar~ma.} धर्म

धर्म (dharma)   <))
Skt: धर्म (dharma) - religion - OnlineSktDict
Pal: dhamma m.n. (√dhar) nature, quality, phenomenon, object, thing,
  doctrine, law, virtue, justice, religion, scriptures - UPMT-PED115
Pal: {Dm~ma}
  -- UHS-PMD0495

UKT: Myanmar Buddhists would find it hard to fully appreciate the meaning of {Dm~ma} in the Hindu religion, particularly with reference to the Hindu epic Mahabharata. I am speaking from my personal experience listening to Peter Brooks, the maker of the movie version of the epic. Peter Brooks commented that he find it extremely hard to appreciate the word धर्म  (= ध र ् म ) which is loosely translated as "religion". What is {Dm~ma} to a Hindu would definitely be the opposite to a Buddhist. The Buddhist, especially those in Myanmar, would narrowly define it as the teachings of Gautama Buddha as defined in the Pali Pitika. With this definition, the Hindu view as well as those of non-Theravada Buddhists would be branded as {a.Dm~ma}. To the Hindu, the killing a fully armed warrior by an equally armed opponent in battle is {Dm~ma}, whereas if done with a superior kind of weapon is {a.Dm~ma}. To the Myanmar Buddhist, both would be {a.Dm~ma}. In this sense, {Dm~ma} can be interpreted as 'fairness' and NOT 'religion'. - UKT100829

धर्मं (dharmaM)
Skt: धर्मं (dharmaM) - doctrines - OnlineSktDict

धर्मः (dharmaH)
Skt: धर्मः (dharmaH) - (masc.nom.sing.) (roughly) religion; life- code; way of good living; duty - OnlineSktDict

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धर्मचारिणी (dharmachaariNii)
Skt: धर्मचारिणी (dharmachaariNii) -  a wife or a chaste virtuous wife - OnlineSktDict

धर्मचारिन (dharmachaarin)
Skt: धर्मचारिन (dharmachaarin) - (adj) practicing virtue, observing the law, virtuous - OnlineSktDict

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धर्मतन्त्रं (dharmatantraM)
Skt: धर्मतन्त्रं (dharmatantraM) - n. theocracy - OnlineSktDict

धर्मनिरपेक्षता (dharmanirapekShataa)
Skt: धर्मनिरपेक्षता (dharmanirapekShataa) - f.  secularism - OnlineSktDict

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धर्मपत्नी (dharmapatnii)
Skt: धर्मपत्नी (dharmapatnii) - respectable address for wife,
  wife from prescribed vedic rituals - OnlineSktDict
Pal: dhammapatanī  f. the first wife, faithful wife - UPMT-PED115
Pal: {Dm~ma.pa.ta.ni}

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धर्मसाधनं (dharmasaadhanaM)
Skt: धर्मसाधनं (dharmasaadhanaM) - the means for doing one's duty - OnlineSktDict

धर्मस्य (dharmasya)
Skt: धर्मस्य (dharmasya) - occupation - OnlineSktDict

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धर्मक्षेत्रे (dharmakShetre)
Skt: धर्मक्षेत्रे (dharmakShetre) - in the place of pilgrimage - OnlineSktDict

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धर्मातर (dharmaa.ntara)
Skt: धर्मातर (dharmaa.ntara) - proselytization - OnlineSktDict

धर्मात्मा (dharmaatmaa)
Skt: धर्मात्मा (dharmaatmaa) - righteous - OnlineSktDict

धर्मान्धः (dharmaandhaH)
Skt: धर्मान्धः (dharmaandhaH) - (m) fundamentalist - OnlineSktDict

धर्मार्थं (dharmaarthaM)
Skt: धर्मार्थं (dharmaarthaM) - For the sake of dharma - OnlineSktDict

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धर्माविरुद्धः (dharmaaviruddhaH)
Skt: धर्माविरुद्धः (dharmaaviruddhaH) - not against religious principles - OnlineSktDict

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{Dar~m} धर्मे

धर्मे (dharme)
Skt: धर्मे (dharme) - religion - OnlineSktDict

धर्मेणहीनाः (dharmeNahiinaaH)
Skt: धर्मेणहीनाः (dharmeNahiinaaH) - bereft of dharma or duty - OnlineSktDict

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{Dar~mya.} धर्म्य

धर्म्यं (dharmyaM)
Skt: धर्म्यं (dharmyaM) - as a religious duty - OnlineSktDict

धर्म्याणि (dharmyaaNi)
Skt: धर्म्याणि (dharmyaaNi) - religious (used in plural) - OnlineSktDict

धर्म्यात् (dharmyaat.h)
Skt: धर्म्यात् (dharmyaat.h) - for religious principles - OnlineSktDict

धर्म्विरहीत (dharmvirahiita)
Skt: धर्म्विरहीत (dharmvirahiita) - adj. irreligious - OnlineSktDict

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{Da.wa.} धव

धवल (dhavala)
Skt: धवल (dhavala) - white - OnlineSktDict
Pal: dhavala  adj.  white, glistening - UPMT-PED115
Pal: {Da.wa.la.} UHS-PMD0500

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{Da.a.}  धस

धसज्न्जय (dhasaJNjaya)
Skt: धसज्न्जय (dhasaJNjaya) - a vital air that stays in the body after death - OnlineSktDict

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