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{si.} चि
{si.ka.} चिक
{si.ta.} चित
{sait} चित्
{si.ta} चिता
{sait~ta.} चित्त / {sait~tδn} चित्तं
{si.tra.} चित्र
{si.tra} चित्रा
{si.tri.} चित्रि
{si.trau:} चित्रो
{sain~ta.}  चिन्त
{si.pa.} चिप
{si.ra.} चिर
{si} ची


UKT notes
• Citraratha : the best among the Gandhava

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{si.} चि

{si.ka.} चिक

• चिकित्सक cikitsaka (chikitsaka)
Skt: चिकित्सक cikitsaka (chikitsaka) - remedy - OnlineSktDict

• चिकित्सालयम् (chikitsaalayam.h)
Skt: चिकित्सालयम् (chikitsaalayam.h) - (n) hospital - OnlineSktDict

• चिकीर्षवः (chikiirshhavaH)
Skt: चिकीर्षवः (chikiirshhavaH) - wishing - OnlineSktDict

• चिकीर्षुः (chikiirshhuH)
Skt: चिकीर्षुः (chikiirshhuH) - desiring to lead - OnlineSktDict

• चिक्रोडः (chikroDaH)
Skt: चिक्रोडः (chikroDaH) - (m) squirrel - OnlineSktDict

€ चिकित्सक cikitsaka m. doctor ; physician

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{si.ta.} चित
Not entered in OnlineSktDict

€ चित  cita
Skt: चित  cita adj.  heaped, piled up, gained; ppp. gathered, collected; n. edifice -- SpkSkt

€ चित्रान्न  citrānna  n.  coloured rice - SpkSkt

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{sait} चित्

• चित् (chit.h)
Skt: चित् (chit.h) - pure consciousness - OnlineSktDict

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{si.ta} चिता

• चिता (chitaa)
Skt: चिता (chitaa) - funeral pyre - OnlineSktDict
Skt: चिता  citā  f.  pyre, funeral pile, multitude - SpkSkt
*Pal: citaka  mf.  (√ci)  a funeral pile - UPMT-PED091
*Pal: {si.ta.ka.} - UHS-PMD0389

€ चिति  citi  f.  pile, stack, funeral pile, cluster - SpkSkt

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{sait~ta.} चित्त / {sait~tδn} चित्तं

• चित्त (chitta) = च ि त ् त
Skt: चित्त (chitta) - mind - OnlineSktDict
Skt: चित्त   citta   n.   intention - SpkSkt
Pal: citta  n.  (√cit) the mind, heart, thought, will, intention; adj. variegated, marvellous - UPMT-PED091
Bur: {sait} - UHS-PMD0389 

• चित्तं (chittaM) : {sait~tδn}
Skt: चित्तं (chittaM) - mind - OnlineSktDict

• चित्तः (chittaH)
Skt: चित्तः (chittaH) - mind - OnlineSktDict

• चित्तलयः (chittalayaH)
Skt: चित्तलयः (chittalayaH) - absorbed mind - OnlineSktDict

• चित्तविक्षेप (chittavikShepa)
Skt: चित्तविक्षेप (chittavikShepa) - confusion, distraction - OnlineSktDict

• चित्तवृत्ति (chittavRitti)
Skt: चित्तवृत्ति (chittavRitti)  - a mode of behaviour - OnlineSktDict

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{sait~ta} चित्ता

• चित्ता (chittaa) :
Skt: चित्ता (chittaa) - mind - OnlineSktDict

• चित्तात्मा (chittaatmaa)
Skt: चित्तात्मा (chittaatmaa) - mind and intelligence - OnlineSktDict

€ चित्ति   citti   m.   intention - SpkSkt

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{si.tra.} चित्र

• चित्र (chitra) = च ि त ् र
Skt: चित्र (chitra) - strange - OnlineSktDict
Skt: चित्र  citra  adj. wonderful - SpkSkt

• चित्रं (chitraM)
Skt: चित्रं (chitraM) - surprising - OnlineSktDict

• चित्रकः (chitrakaH)
Skt: चित्रकः (chitrakaH) - m. a leopard - OnlineSktDict
*Pal: cittakāya  m.  a tiger, leopard - UPMT-PED092
*Pal: {sait~ta.ka-ya.}

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• चित्रकर (chitrakaara)
Skt: चित्रकर (chitrakaara) - m. painter, artist - OnlineSktDict
*Pal: {sait~ta.ka-ra.} - UHS-PMD0390

€ चित्रपञ्ची  citrapaρcī  f.  album  - SpkSkt

• चित्रपटः (chitrapaTaH)
Skt: चित्रपटः (chitrapaTaH) - (n) movie, film - OnlineSktDict

• चित्रपतङ्गः (chitrapata.ngaH)
Skt: चित्रपतङ्गः (chitrapata.ngaH) - (m) butterfly - OnlineSktDict

• चित्रमन्दिरम् (chitramandiram.h)
Skt: चित्रमन्दिरम् (chitramandiram.h) - (n) movie theatre - OnlineSktDict

• चित्ररथः (chitrarathaH) 
Skt: चित्ररथः (chitrarathaH) - Citraratha - OnlineSktDict

See my note on Citraratha : the best among the Gandhava 

• चित्ररासभः (chitraraasabhaH)
Skt: चित्ररासभः (chitraraasabhaH) - (m) zebra - OnlineSktDict

• चित्रवेष्टिः (chitraveshhTiH)
Skt: चित्रवेष्टिः (chitraveshhTiH) - m. lungi - OnlineSktDict
Bur: {loδn-hkyζΡ} ?

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{si.tra} चित्रा

• चित्रा (chitraa)
Skt: चित्रा (chitraa) - Fourteenth nakshatra - OnlineSktDict

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{si.tri.} चित्रि

• चित्रिनी (chitrinii)
Skt: चित्रिनी (chitrinii) - a fine cord within the spine - OnlineSktDict

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{si.trau:} चित्रो

• चित्रोष्ट्रः (chitroshhTraH)
Skt: चित्रोष्ट्रः (chitroshhTraH) - (m) giraffe - OnlineSktDict

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{sain~ta.} चिन्त

• चिनोति (chinoti)
Skt: चिनोति (chinoti) - to collect, to gather - OnlineSktDict

• चिन्त् (chint.h)
Skt: चिन्त् (chint.h) - to think - OnlineSktDict

• चिन्तय (chintaya)
Skt: चिन्तय (chintaya) - (causative of cit) to think - OnlineSktDict

• चिन्तयति (chintayati)
Skt: चिन्तयति (chintayati) - (10 up) to think - OnlineSktDict

• चिन्तयन्तः (chintayantaH)
Skt: चिन्तयन्तः (chintayantaH) - concentrating - OnlineSktDict

• चिन्तयेत् (chintayet.h)
Skt: चिन्तयेत् (chintayet.h) - should think of - OnlineSktDict

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{sain~ta} चिन्ता

• चिन्ता (chintaa)
Skt: चिन्ता (chintaa) - worrying - OnlineSktDict

• चिन्तां (chintaaM)
Skt: चिन्तां (chintaaM) - fears and anxieties - OnlineSktDict

• चिन्ताजडं (chintaajaDaM)
Skt: चिन्ताजडं (chintaajaDaM) - mind dullened by worry - OnlineSktDict

• चिन्तामणि (chintaamaNi)
Skt: चिन्तामणि (chintaamaNi) - the gem that gives you anything you can think about - OnlineSktDict
*Pal: cintā  f. (√cint, cit) thought - UPMT-PED092
*Pal: {sain~ta} - UHS-PMD0392

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• चिन्तित (chintita)
Skt: चिन्तित (chintita) - something one has thought about - OnlineSktDict
Skt: चिन्तित  cintita   n.   intention - SpkSkr

• चिन्मयः (chinmayaH)
Skt: चिन्मयः (chinmayaH) - full of the 'mind' or consciousness - OnlineSktDict

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{si.pa.} चिप

• चिपण्यभिमुख (chipaNyabhimukha)
Skt: चिपण्यभिमुख (chipaNyabhimukha) - market oriented - OnlineSktDict

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{si.ra.} चिर

• चिर (chira)
Skt: चिर (chira) - permanently - OnlineSktDict
Pal: cira  adj.  long, lasting - UPMT-PED092
Pal: {si.ra.} - UHS-PMD0392

• चिरकाल (chirakaala)
Skt: चिरकाल (chirakaala) - always, ever present, permanent - OnlineSktDict
Pal: cirakāla  n. a long period - UPMT-PED092
Pal: {si.ra.ka-la.} - UHS-PMD0393

• चिरात् (chiraat.h)
Skt: चिरात् (chiraat.h) - after a long time - OnlineSktDict

• चिराय (chiraaya)
Skt: चिराय (chiraaya) - for long - OnlineSktDict

• चिरायुः (chiraayuH)
Skt: चिरायुः (chiraayuH) - long-life-span ('chira' actually means permanent cf. chiranjIvI) - OnlineSktDict

• चिह्न (chihna)
Skt: चिह्न (chihna) - sign - OnlineSktDict

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{si} ची

• ची (chii)
Skt: ची (chii) - to increase - OnlineSktDict

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• चीर (chiira)
Skt: चीर (chiira) - dress made of bark ? - OnlineSktDict
Pal: cira  n. bark, fibre - UPMT-PED092
Pal: {si.ra.}

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UKT notes

Citraratha : the best among the Gandhavas

From: http://vedabase.net/bg/10/26/ 100614
Bhaktivedanta VedaBase: Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 10.26

Chapter 10: The Opulence of the Absolute

aśvatthaḥ sarva-vṛkṣāṇāḿ
devarṣīṇāḿ ca nāradaḥ
gandharvāṇāḿ citrarathaḥ
siddhānāḿ kapilo muniḥ


aśvatthaḥ — the banyan tree; sarva-vṛkṣāṇām — of all trees; deva-ṛṣīṇām — of all the sages amongst the demigods; ca — and; nāradaḥ — Nārada; gandharvāṇām — of the citizens of the Gandharva planet; citrarathaḥ — Citraratha; siddhānām — of all those who are perfected; kapilaḥ muniḥ — Kapila Muni.


Of all trees I am the banyan tree, and of the sages among the demigods I am Nārada. Of the Gandharvas I am Citraratha, and among perfected beings I am the sage Kapila.


The banyan tree (aśvattha) is one of the highest and most beautiful trees, and people in India often worship it as one of their daily morning rituals. Amongst the demigods they also worship Nārada, who is considered the greatest devotee in the universe. Thus he is the representation of Kṛṣṇa as a devotee. The Gandharva planet is filled with entities who sing beautifully, and among them the best singer is Citraratha. Amongst the perfect living entities, Kapila, the son of Devahūti, is a representative of Kṛṣṇa. He is considered an incarnation of Kṛṣṇa, and His philosophy is mentioned in the Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam. Later on another Kapila became famous, but his philosophy was atheistic. Thus there is a gulf of difference between them.

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