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{hka.} ख
{hka} खा
{hki.} खि
{hké} खे


UKT notes
• The Sanskrit क्ष {k~Sa.} is almost impossible to pronounce by Burmese-Myanmar speakers. It is not only they, but other Pali speakers as well, substitute क्ष {k~Sa.} with ख [kʰ] resulting in many Sanskrit words such as  क्षत्रिय (kShatriya) being pronounced with the phoneme [kʰ]. See my note Pronouncing the unpronounceable conjuncts in k-conjuncts - k-conj-219top2.htm . The question now to be asked is:

When a Pali syllable beginning with {hka.} becomes a Skt equivalent why are some changed to ख kha but some to क्ष ksa ?


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{hka.} ख

• ख (kha)
Skt: ख (kha) - sky, aakaasha - OnlineSktDict
Pal:  kha  n.  the air, sky, zero - UPMT-PED080
Pal: {hka.} - UHS-PMD0341

• खं (khaM)
Skt: खं (khaM) - ether - OnlineSktDict

• खग (khaga)
Sky: खग (khaga) - one traversing in the sky, a name of Sun, also birds - OnlineSktDict
Pal: khaga  m. a bird, arrow, sun, wind  - UPMT-PED080
Pal: {hka.ga.} - UHS-PMD0341

• खगः (khagaH)
Skt: खगः (khagaH) - bird (literally the sky-goer, 'khah' meaning sky - OnlineSktDict

• खगोलशास्त्रम् (khagolashaastram.h)
Skt: खगोलशास्त्रम् (khagolashaastram.h) - astronomy - OnlineSktDict

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• खङ्गः (kha.ngaH)
Skt: खङ्गः (kha.ngaH) - (m) sword - OnlineSktDict

• खङ्गमृगः (kha.ngamRigaH)
Skt: खङ्गमृगः (kha.ngamRigaH) - (m) rhinoceros - OnlineSktDict

• खज्न्जः (khaJNjaH)
Skt: खज्न्जः (khaJNjaH) - m. a handicapped person, lame - OnlineSktDict
Pal: khañja  adj. lame - UPMT-PED080
Pal: {hkiñ-za.} - UHS-PMD0342

• खड्ग (khaDga)
Skt: खड्ग (khaDga) - sword - OnlineSktDict

¤ खगोलशास्त्र khagolaśāstra n. astronomy =  ख ग ो ल श ा स ् त ् र

¤ खगोल - विद्या khagola - vidyā  f. astronomy

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• खड्गी (khaDgii)
Skt: खड्गी (khaDgii) - with sword - OnlineSktDict

• खण्ड (khaNDa)
Skt: खण्ड (khaNDa) - (masc, neut) piece - OnlineSktDict

• खण्डन (khaNDana)
Skt: खण्डन (khaNDana) - to pound, cut into pieces, injuring, hurting - OnlineSktDict

• खण्डपिटासन (khaNDapiTaasana) 
Skt: खण्डपिटासन (khaNDapiTaasana) - the ankle-twist posture - OnlineSktDict

• खण्डयति (khaNDayati)
Skt: खण्डयति (khaNDayati) - to grate (as in grating a coconut) - OnlineSktDict

• खण्डशस्कृतः (khaNDashaskRitaH)
Skt: खण्डशस्कृतः (khaNDashaskRitaH) - made into pieces - OnlineSktDict

• खनति (khanati)
Skt: खनति (khanati) - (1 up) to dig - OnlineSktDict

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• खर (khara)
Sky: खर (khara) - sharp - OnlineSktDict
Pal: khara  adj.  solid, sharp, hoarse;  m. an ass, saw - UPMT-PED081
Pal: {hka.ra.} - UHS-PMD0346

• खरध्वंसी (kharadhva.nsii)
Skt: खरध्वंसी (kharadhva.nsii) - he who smashed (killed) khara (a rAkshasa) - OnlineSktDict

• खल (khala)
Skt: खल (khala) - rouge - OnlineSktDict
Skt: खल khala  m.  wicked person;  n. sedimentation - SpkSkt
Pal: khala  adj.  mischievous, vile; mn.  a threshing-floor, oil-cake, paste - UPMT-PED081
Pal: {hka.la.} - UHS-PMD0346

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• खलयोग (khalayoga)
Skt: खलयोग (khalayoga) - The Yoga [astrological combination] of a swindler or confidence trickster - OnlineSktDict

• खलु (khalu)
Skt: खलु (khalu) - indec.  indeed - OnlineSktDict
Pal: khalu  adv. indeed, truly - UPMT-PED082
Pal: {hka.lu.} - UHS-PMD0346

• खल्वाटः (khalvaaTaH)
Skt: खल्वाटः (khalvaaTaH) -  m.  pate, baldness - OnlineSktDict
Pal: khallāṭa  adj.  bald - UPMT-PED082
Pal: {hkal~la-Ta.} - UHS-PMD346

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{hka} खा

• खादत् (khaadat.h)
Skt: खादत् (khaadat.h) - one who eats - OnlineSktDict

• खादति (khaadati)
Skt: खादति (khaadati) - (1 pp) to eat - OnlineSktDict

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{hki.} खि

• खिन्न (khinna)
Skt: खिन्न (khinna) - sad - OnlineSktDict

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{hké} खे

• खे (khe)
Skt: खे (khe) - in the sky - OnlineSktDict

• खेचरी (khecharii)
Skt: खेचरी (khecharii) - mudra where the tongue is inserted in the upper cavity - OnlineSktDict

• खेटः (kheTaH)
Skt: खेटः (kheTaH) - m. shield - OnlineSktDict
Pal: kheṭa  m. a shield - UPMT-PED083
Pal: {hké-Ta.} - UHS-PMD351

• खेद (kheda)
Skt: खेद (kheda) - sorrow - OnlineSktDict
*Pal: kheda  m. affliction, suffering - UPMT-PED083
*Pal: {hké-da.} - UHS-PMD351

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